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GDPquintuplet copy

GDP015 – RUSSIAN TSARLAG – Gagged in Boonesville
150 copies type II c44
in tandem with LP on Not Not Fun

GDP016 – SOFIA RETA – Crème Brûlée
100 copies type II c46
GDP017 – SOFIA RETA – Woman
100 copies type II c61
Xavier/Visa of ARC back with 2 new perfect albums

GDP018 – BERNARD HERMAN – 1000 Masks
100 copies type II c36
what can I say

GDP019 – HUMANBEAST – Queer Marriage
150 copies type II c40
year out of print, new edition for US tour
New LP/CD ‘Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet’ on Load records

I will post the remaining tapes upon return from tour
along with full descriptions and download links if available

Tour dates here