GDP 012 – ^(ARC) – wire migraine
150 copies type II c52

GDP is pleased to present a hard copy of Wire Migraine by ^ (pronounced ARC). Previously the Providence musician Xavier Valentine issued primarily ‘digital only’ releases under the ^ moniker and other projects MINARETTE and ABE SADA, speaking always with electronic exuberance, persuasive skill, charm, eloquence, and with conspiratory undertones “look, this black book is one of my most treasured possessions”, it is no less than one of the most beautiful collections of amusement, embarrassment, sorrow and wonder. A full length recording perfectly formed, wolf-pack becomes a swarm of bees, becomes a collection of small holes and tiny ulcerations, a knife slice, a slash or hole. 52 minutes of carefully constructed electronic dance and lengthy arias referencing both the future of pop and it’s earliest electronic innovators, overlaid with cries-whispers dusted with copper. A fatidic shiver, half-veiling his extensive training in classical piano, gracefully channeled through silicon wire with feverish obsession. New layers of sadness laced with hope, cold, computerized, with the secret of feminine grace, a silver knobbed cane and a pair of heels, the suicide of a gentleman.

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tracks 2.nothing 3.combing

listen to entire alternate version of Wire Migraine or purchase digitally HERE